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    Player Piano Electric Vacuum Motor / Suction Box - Electrify your player piano! 

Brand new suction box. 7 5/8" square, about 10" tall. 1 1/4" main connector, 1/2" connector for accessories. Internal check valve. Single stage motor, 120 volts AC, 6.8 amps, auto thermal protection, grounded. Now ncludes 2' of 1-1/4" flex hose and a 1-1/4" straight brass connector for attaching to the foot pump reservoir. Pulls ...  More
    New Player Piano Electric Vacuum Motor/Suction Box-Electrify your player piano! 

Brand new suction box with volume control. 7 5/8" square, about 11.5" tall. Powerful, pulls up to 70" water vacuum. 1 1/4" main connector, 1/2" connector for accessories like auto rewind (available soon in our eBay store). Internal check valve so foot pump operation is not affected. Two stage motor, 120 volts AC, 7.7 amps, auto ...  More
    100ft Rubber Vacuum Tubing/Hose For Player Piano Tracking Bar 9/64"ID, 1/32"wall 

100 feet of tubing for use in player piano restoration. Typical uses include tubing the tracker bar and various control pneumatics. Very thin wall makes this tubing much better suited for players than the vacuum tubing found in hardware stores and auto parts houses - many times the wall thickness on that tubing is too thick to f ...  More
    Pump/Reed Organ Pedal Webbing/Strap, & Player Piano Bellows Hinges, per foot 

Sold by the foot - two or more feet ordered will be sent as a continuous piece. 2" wide, about .055"-.060" thick. Herringbone weave. Used to connect reed organ pump pedals to the exhauster bellows. Also used in player piano restoration to hinge pumping bellows / reservoirs and also to provide strain relief for the reservoir bell ...  More
    Mandolin Rail/Rinky Tink Clips/Tabs For Player Piano, Pinch Fit, quantity 100 

These are the metal clips used for making (or repairing) mandolin rails in player pianos. Pinch fit. Best clip I've found for the task. Very similar to the old OK paper fasteners. Auction is for 100 clips. If you need a new strip of bellows material to mount them to, check my eBay store for item # 291934562230 I've been restorin ...  More
    Automatic Shutoff On/Off Switch For Upright Player Piano 

On/Off switch for electric vacuum motor equipped upright player pianos. Rated 16 amps / 250 volts. Mounts in spoolbox. "Flapping" action of roll after rewinding contacts lever and opens a switch, turning off power to the motor. Instructions included. As always, please contact me if you have any questions pertaining to this produ ...  More
    Player Piano Wind/Roll Motor Ladder Chain, about 4 Links/Inch - 42 per ft 

    Air Piano Glove Finger Music Rhythm Playing Gadget Keyboard Equalizer Tempo Note 

    Corrugated Rubber Pedal Mat Material for Player Piano Foot Pump, 11.75" x 12" 

    Bellows Cloth Strip 3" x 55" For Player Piano Mandolin Rail Curtain Repair 

    8" Outward Pressure Spring For Bellows - Player Piano Repair 

    Yamaha Disklavier Player Piano - Record/Playback Test Disk Preformatted to eSeq 

    3/16" Rubber Hose/Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 25 Feet 

    100 Leather Nuts 3/16" for Player Piano Repair 

    New Aeolian Player Piano Valve Block fits Left or Right Tubing Connector 

    Aeolian Player Piano Valve Block, Right, Factory Original, 

    5/16" ID Rubber Hose/Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 10 Feet 

    7/32" Rubber Hose/Vacuum Tubing for Player Piano Restoration, 25 Feet 

    1" Twill Rubber Hose Vacuum Tubing for Player or Coin Piano Organ Repair 

    12 Pcs Brass Tubing 1.25" Long, 5/32" OD, 1/8" ID, 1/64" Wall For Player Piano 

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