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    PianoMaestro Learning System - Fits Kawai K-8 K-6 K-5 K-3 K-2 907 607 508 UST-9  

eBay Untitled Document What you are ordering is a NEW PIanoMaestro 48i piano learning device the light strip that is sitting on top of the pictured digital piano (it works with ANY 88-key digital or acoustic piano) Digital piano is NOT included. To learn more about it, Google "PianoMaestro" and look at our videos, reviews and fr ...  More
     2008 Kawai K5 Professional 49" upright piano in superb condition 

eBay 2008 Kawai K5 upright in superb condition, serial number 2601386. It is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition, having been well taken care of in a private home. The K5 model is 2" shorter than its approximate predecessor the Kawai K500, which costs $8000+ in new condition. This model is made in Japan, not like chea ...  More
    Kawai K5 Piano Cover Black Quilted Upright 

eBay Kawai K5 Upright Piano Cover - Black Quilted Material Kawai K5 upright piano cover, in black quilted material. Designed specifically to fit the K5, a piano cover is a great way to protect your piano from physical damage, dust, and exposure to sunlight. High Quality Black Quilted Material: These attractive, quilted covers ar ...  More
    Custom padded cover for KAWAI K5 keyboard - K 5 K-5 

eBay PLEASE, READ THE COMPLETE AUCTION DESCRIPTION BEFORE YOU START! Welcome! You just landed to the heaven of custom amp, cab, keyboards, speakers and gear covers! A couple of the top-brand and boutique guitar amp builders already evaluated and approved the quality of our products and directly suggest us to their customers thru ...  More
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