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eBay Attention! Piano keyboards have a manufacture defect discovered by Gregory Shir This is the first time a modified key top has been patented (# 9064478) by Gregory Shir. This key top can be set up for almost any piano.The design of the keys corrects the pianist`s hand movements and resting positions to prevent Carpal Tunnel ...  More
    'The Piano Guys' Baby Grand Disklavier C1ME Limited Edition Metro Yamaha Piano 

eBay Medallion Trading Company Condition: Excellent used condition with no scratches, chips or dings The piano is a rare C1ME Commemorative 100th Anniversary Piano with a Disklavier. Only 50 of these were made in this limited edition series, and only ONE of these was used and owned by 'The Piano Guys' This is a 5' 3" Black Parlo ...  More
    Petite Baby Grand Yamaha Piano! Well-Maintained and Cared For!  

eBay 1963 Yamaha Petite Baby Grand Piano! Extremely well-maintained and care for! Never played with the top open, so the soundboard and all inner workings have been protected from exposure to light and dust. Everything functions properly. Keeps its tune and plays beautifully! Low gloss on beautifully-grained wood, cherry in colo ...  More
    Yamaha Piano w/bench and internal humidifier. Beautiful French Provential style. 

eBay YAMAHA Piano with bench. Very pretty French Provincial style. Excellent condition and includes an internal humidifier.
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